Stump Grinding

PPM’s Stump Grinding Services –   Leaving Your Property Ready to Go and Ready to Grow

Once your tree has been removed, PPM provides Stump Grinding services that includes

  • Utilizing our modern, state-of-the-art equipment to grind the stump, including our remote-controlled Vermeer Track Stumper and larger tow-behind units for larger jobs
  • Checking the area around the stump carefully for surface lines, advising our customers to call Miss Dig if we suspect that surface lines may be affected by our stump grinding services
  • If the area is clear, then grinding the stump to 8-10” below grade
  • Leaving the stump mulch to fill the hole left from the removed tree and stump, or
  • Removing the stump mulch if desired, filling the hole with top-grade topsoil, then hydro-seeding the area so the grass grows back completely – making the job complete

The result is that we leave the area with the tree removal and stump grinding 100% done. The area is clean and free from debris with the stump completely removed.

After we leave, your property is ready to go and ready to grow.

PPM also offers Stump Removal services independent of our Tree Removal Services. If you have an old stump that you want removed, PPM will provide this service within our normal service area. Just call PPM to determine if our services are right for you.

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