How to Choose The Right Certified Tree Service Company

When you need work done on your car, you find a certified mechanic. When you need a surgical operation, you find a licensed doctor. Why should you not find a qualified and certified tree service company as well?

You trust any tree service with an asset that’s difficult to replace. After all, the trees on your property could be considered old, and replacing them if something were to go wrong could be costly, if not impossible.

Finding the right company is critical to your trees health.

Fortunately, there’s a way to help ensure the tree service company you hire isn’t a bunch of amateurs.

ISA Arborists

The International Society of Arboriculture exists for two reasons:

  • To promote the profession of arboriculture
  • To spread awareness about the benefits of trees everywhere

For you as a homeowner, ISA Arborists can help you choose a tree service company that’s truly qualified to do work around your yard. After all, you’re not an expert in arboriculture, but you certainly want to hire someone who is.

Not just any tree service company can obtain an ISA certification. For a company to earn this honor, it must demonstrate expert knowledge and skills about arboriculture. Certified companies also demonstrate a strong amount of dedication to their profession, as well as the communities they serve. That means you can hire a certified tree service, knowing they will care for your trees properly.


To earn certification, a tree service company can’t just be starting out in the field. It takes years of correct experience to have the knowledge and skills necessary to earn the certification. That means when the tree service shows up, it’s seen whatever problems you are experiencing before and knows exactly what to do about them.

Techniques You and your trees will be happy with the right care!

There’s a right and a wrong way to care for trees, just like there’s a right and a wrong way to perform open heart surgery. ISA certification means a tree service company knows the latest techniques and how to perform them correctly.
Incorrect techniques could result in serious damage or other problems for your trees. Don’t take the chance.

Looking Up Certification

ISA has an easy-to-use website called Along the top of the main page is a link called “Find an Arborist.” Click on that, and you have two choices:

  • Find an Arborist helps you find a tree service in any given area.
  • Verify a Credential allows you to confirm if a tree service is certified through ISA.

You’ll need the first and last name of the individual arborist and not the company name to verify a certification.

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