How To Keep Deer From Damaging Your Trees and Garden

If you are a gardener, then you know the threat that deer pose to your plants and trees. Sure, they are wonderful to look at when they come wandering into your yard, but if you have tender young trees or delicious vegetables, they can make quick work of them.

Damage to trees is most problematic because deer can chomp large amounts of leaves and twigs from young trees, particularly the young shoots of maple and walnut trees.  This can stunt, and potentially kill, the tree if enough foliage is removed. Damaged or weakened branches can be an open invitation to disease and pests.

The best strategy to protect your trees, plants, and gardens is to keep deer guessing and to implement a variety of methods to keep deer away from your trees and plants.

Deer Repellent

Use deer repellents to keep deer away from trees and plants in Ann Arbor, MI

Deer repellents often come in spray bottles and use an assortment of deer (and human) deterring smells to keep deer at bay. Most repellents work by using a combination of smell and taste deterrents. Spray deer repellent on and around the plants you want to protect. The key to deer repellent is being consistent. Deer repellents typically only last a few days or until the rain washes it away. In order to maintain full protection, you’ll need to re-apply regularly.

Scare Them Off

You may have tried every method under the sun to deter deer, such as resorting to pie tins for sound or blank CDs for reflective lights. But these methods don’t work. As soon as the deer realize these things are harmless, they will ignore them while they chomp on your raspberry plants.

Motion activated sprinklers are one of the methods to keep deer from damaging your trees & plants in Livonia, MI


One method that works is using motion-activated sprinklers. Not only is there an audio deterrent but a physical one that will definitely get the deer’s attention. Move the sprinkler to a new location every few days to keep them on their toes.


Keeping a radio in your garden at night also works great. Tune in to a talk radio station and the deer will steer clear. Make sure you live in an area where the noise won’t bother your neighbors. To keep the deer guessing, move the radio around and change the station every once in a while. Place a laundry basket upside down over the radio to keep rain and dew off.

Plant Deer Repellent Plants

Deer are very sensitive to smell and taste. That’s why when something tastes good they will eat as much as they can, causing extensive damage. There are a variety of plants and herbs that you can plant around your trees and garden plants to protect them from hungry deer, such as lavender, catmint, garlic, and chives.

Trees are only vulnerable to deer when they are young. Once their leaves and branches are out of reach of hungry deer, they are in the clear.
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