The Essential Guide to Stump Removal: Which Method is Best?

After you cut the tree down and picked up all the logs, twigs, and bark, you’re left with one difficult task: removing the stump. Depending on the size of the tree, stump removal can be done with some hard work and a shovel. For larger trees, it’ll take a little more than elbow grease to remove it. Finding the right stump removal method for you depends on a number of factors. Here are three options to get rid of a stump on your property.


Leaving The Stump To Rot

You could just let nature take its course, but It can take over ten years for an average tree stump to completely decompose enough to be easily removed. After the tree is cut, the stump becomes an open invitation for carpenter ants, termites, and other pests. Yes, these insects help speed up the decaying process, but you also have to consider the proximity to your house or other trees that they could invade. Not to mention, a rotting stump isn’t very easy on the eyes. It can throw off the curb appeal of your yard and even decrease your property value


If want that stump out of there you have two options; stump grinding or stump removal. We will go over the pros and cons of each so you can make a more informed decision.


Stump Removal

One stump removal method is to get your hands dirty and dig it out by hand. It isn't easy.

Stump removal is the removal of the entire stump by either digging by hand, using heavy machinery, or other traditional stump removal methods. No matter which method you choose, stump removal is a tough job when doing it on your own. It’s time consuming, physically demanding, and can get pretty expensive if you’re renting machinery or tools. Not only that, but it leaves a large, gaping hole behind when you’re finished.


However, removing stumps also removes much more of the root system. This prevents the tree from growing back and gives you room to plant something new in its place. All-in-all, stump removal is a good option if you’re looking to be as thorough as possible and don’t mind a little hard work.


Stump GrindingStump grinding is a quick and efficient stump removal method here in Ypsilanti, MI.

Stump grinding is a much less intensive process of removing stumps. With this method you hire a professional tree care company or rent a stump grinding machine to completely pulverize the stump into small wood chips. Grinding is faster and more efficient than stump removal and leaves behind a nice bed of mulch; much more pleasing to the eye than a rotting stump or a large hole in your yard. On the downside, the machinery only grinds the stump 8-10 inches below the surface, making it difficult to replant something on top of it and there’s always the possibility of the tree re-growing if it was still alive.


Both methods have their share of pros and cons so you will have to weigh your options and decide which method best suits you and your yard.


Need help with a stump removal project? Call the professionals.


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