Stay Cool This Summer: The Best Shade Trees For Michigan Yards

One of the most important and impactful decisions that a homeowner can make about their yard is what trees to plant. Trees are an important part of any yard; they shade us from the sun, keep our yards cool in the summer heat, clean the air, and provide beauty to our landscape. If you have a big, treeless yard, then it might help to plant a few trees around your house. Studies show that houses in the shade actually save more on their cooling bills in the summer. Here’s a list of some of our favorite shade trees in Michigan.


Weeping WillowThe weeping willow is one of the best shade trees in MI, us it to add a touch of beauty to your Ypsilanti, MI lawn.

Known for their arching branches and long, flowing canopy; the weeping willow can add a lot to your landscape. It’s an excellent shade tree and a very fast grower, growing 6-8 feet in a single year. It’s perfect for those who want to fill in their yard over a short period of time.


Weeping willows are usually found near rivers, lakes, or swamps where they can store huge amounts of water, but these hardy trees can live almost anywhere. Willows take up a lot of space and should be planted in a clear, central location with no competition from other trees. Not only is it a great shade tree, but it’s also an eye-catching ornamental. You’ll want to display a weeping willow prominently in your yard. 


Sugar Maple

If you are looking for a tree that combines beauty and shade, then you can’t go wrong with a maple. Sugar maples boast thick, lush canopies that will turn your hot, unbearable deck into a cool and relaxing hangout. These trees are fast growers and easy to take care of. Plus, in the fall they put on one of the most spectacular shows in all of Michigan. People travel from out of state just to see the fiery red, orange, and yellow spectacle that these trees put on. They work great alone or in rows along your road or driveway. You won’t regret planting a few of these charming trees in your yard.


White OakThe white oak is a mighty tree and one of the best shade trees to add to your Ypsilanti, MI lawn this summer.

The white oak, or any member of the oak family, are great long-term investments for your property. They may be famous for their slow growth but they are also famous for their sturdiness and longevity. White oaks can do well in any soil condition and climate and if planted with enough room to grow, can achieve staggering heights and wide canopies that can shade large areas of your yard. The best part about an oak tree is that once you plant it, it can be enjoyed for generations to come. White oaks are some of the best shade trees to plant in your Michigan yard.


Quaking Aspen

Growing up to five feet per year, the quaking aspen is a must-have backyard tree. It’s one of the best shade trees and you’ll even be able to enjoy them pretty quickly. Its greyish-white bark stands out and makes a statement in your yard. It’s heart-shaped leaves “quake” in the fall and put on a dazzling show of gold and orange that will be sure to turn heads. Quaking aspens grow tall and narrow so you can plant them in clusters, as windbreaks, or as a privacy curtain between properties.


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