Reasons You May Need a Tree or Shrub Removed

Trees and shrubs can add so much variety to your landscaping. Whether you have pine trees, apple trees, fig-trees, red maple trees, or any other variety of trees, you have probably chosen that tree or shrub specifically for your landscaping tastes. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t always last. While when you are planting a tree, you expect it to be there for at least your lifetime, there are some outside factors that sometimes interfere with that idea. There are many reasons that tree removal might become necessary before a tree or shrub has served its time, and PPM Tree is here to tell you some of the most common reasons.

Potential Damage from Poor Weather Conditions tree damage

With the winter weather in our area being harsher than some of our surrounding states, weather damage to our trees, shrubs, and other landscaping can get the best of us. It could be an elderly tree that was too feeble to carry the weight of the insane amount of snow we get. Or it could be the wind that knocks an already unstable tree over. But whatever it may be, the weather has a big effect on the state of a tree or shrub.

Infestation, Disease, or Illness

As soon as one tree is affected by either a pest infestation, a tree disease, or an illness, it can easily spread to the surrounding trees extremely quickly. This may be one of the most important reasons to remove a tree right away. This is also a good reason to keep an eye on your trees, caring for them properly throughout the year to ensure that if one does fall sick, you will be able to catch it in time before you potentially infect the entire neighborhood.

You Are Looking to Revamping Your Landscaping

Maybe your tastes have changed or maybe you are building a home from scratch on land with distasteful looking trees and shrubs, but a landscaping renovation is a wonderful reason to remove a tree or shrub. Many old homes have outdated looking landscaping, so it could be necessary to remove old greenery to create the all-encompassing vision that you have been dreaming of. A perfectly put together landscape design can set you apart from the rest of the neighborhood and really pull together the outside of your home.

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