Livonia, MI

Tree Care in Livonia 

Who better to trust with your trees than certified arborists? PPM Tree Care and Arbor Service is prepared to address all of your tree care needs while protecting and preserving the landscape that you love. For the utmost quality and service, you can count on the experts at PPM.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be an intimidating task. Whether it is a tree that blows a little too close to your home during a storm, or to preparing your yard for a new landscaping venture, we have the talent and tools required to make tree removal a safe and efficient process. 

When you call on PPM for tree removal in Livonia, you can expect:

  • An initial evaluation and quote from one of our certified arborists.
  • A professional and experienced crew. 
  • The newest, highest-quality equipment such as Vermeer chippers and grinders.
  • Branches pulled down safely with pulleys.
  • A review of the project after service to ensure you’re satisfied with our work.

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Stump Grinding in Livonia

We offer stump grinding in tandem with our tree removal service, as well as independently for older stumps you may have around. After all, tree removal doesn’t give you much room if there’s a stump left behind. 

Our stump removal services in Livonia include:

    • Checking around the area for surface lines to make sure there aren’t any that could be affected.
    • Utilizing modern, top-of-the-line technology like the Vermeer Track Stumper.
    • Grinding the stump to 8-10” below grade.
    • Leaving the stump mulch to fill the remaining hole.
    • Alternatively, replacing stump mulch with topsoil and hydro-seeding the area.

If you need high-quality stump grinding in Livonia that leaves your yard in good shape, contact the experts at PPM Tree and Arbor Service.


Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Planting in Livonia

At PPM, we believe in making the most of the trees you choose to keep. We go beyond tree trimming to provide full arbor care so that your trees are healthier in the long run. Our arbor care services include:

    • Trimming service that removes deadwood and leads, focusing on the functionality and appearance you desire.
    • Finer, more detailed pruning for ornamental trees.
    • Tree shaping performed with surgical precision for uniform, symmetrical appearance.
    • Arborist-guided tree planting with your property’s unique conditions in mind.
    • Warranties are available on the trees we plant.

Your trees deserve routine care that optimizes their health. For customized, arborist-guided trimming and pruning in Livonia, contact PPM to discuss what your trees need to thrive.


Commercial Lawn Mowing in Livonia

PPM offers commercial services with the same care and expertise we apply to residential services. We uphold high standards all year long, not just in the springtime. Our crews average more than 10 years of commercial experience and use the most turf-friendly equipment available.

We will apply the best standard in lawn care to every site, large or small. To keep your business’s lawn looking sharp all year round, call PPM for consistent, meticulous commercial lawn mowing in Livonia.


Commercial Landscaping in Livonia

We also provide commercial landscaping services at the same high-quality standards. At PPM we don’t take commercial properties for granted, understanding the value that these spaces provide to people throughout their communities. 

Our outstanding commercial landscaping services in Livonia include:

  • Mulch installation, ongoing bed maintenance, and bed edging.
  • Shrub pruning twice a year.
  • Tree health evaluation and monitoring.
  • Full leaf pickup.
  • Spring and Fall cleanup.
  • Annual flower installation.
  • Perennial cutback in the fall.

Commercial landscaping doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact us to get started on your property’s maintenance program.


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