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One of Garden City’s Favorite Wooded Areas: Hines Park

Hines Park is a favorite destination for residents of Garden City as well as other cities in surrounding Wayne County through which the park runs. The park itself is made up of 20 segments, all connected by winding Hines Drive.  Hines Park has a strong recreational feel to it, with many soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, playgrounds, and picnic areas that are available for park residents to use. Hikers, walkers, runners, and bikers flock to the park to enjoy winding Hines Park Drive as well as other side trails that course through the park. Bicyclists especially appreciate the bike lane found on most sections of Hines Drive.

The park also has some natural areas, where hikers can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Large stands of mature trees are found throughout Hines Park, giving shelter and a home to birds and wildlife of all sorts.  The trees in Hines Park grow naturally, but they are also tended to and cared for by park personnel, with diseased trees being removed and overpopulated areas being harvested.

Do the Trees in Your Yard Need Any Special Care? PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care can provide it!

Trees in Hines Park remain healthy because nature has a way of taking care of trees. The soil under the trees is strong enough to provide the nutritional support needed for healthy tree growth, so they rarely get diseases due to being malnourished. The tree’s growth is regulated by other trees around them, so trimming and pruning is done naturally. And if a tree does die – well, the decomposers go to work, turning the tree into dust over a several year period.

Trees taken out of their natural setting don’t have these advantages. The soils they are planted in may lack some needed nutrients or features that support the tree. Pests may target a weakened residential tree, causing it harm. Overall, these trees need additional care to keep them healthy and thriving.

This is where PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care comes in. With certified arborists on staff, we provide expert arbor care and tree services to our customers. We understand that each homeowner has much vested and invested in their trees – so we take our role very seriously, providing expert advice to help keep their trees healthy and flourishing. PPM also provides these services to the Garden City area:

As PPM has become the trusted tree service partner for many residents in the Metro Detroit area, we’ve also added these additional support services:

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