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One of Novi’s Favorite Wooded Areas: Novi North Park & Tree Farm

Novi residents come to Novi North Park & Tree Farm for a variety of reasons. Some come to hike through its 441 acres on the 7.6-mile loop trail that meanders through a hardwood forest of mature trees and native vegetation. Some come to sit by the lake or to drop in a line to catch a fish or two. Others come to look for Christmas trees at the tree farm, trying to find the perfect one for their home. Still others come to use the singletrack trail for mountain biking. The singletrack meanders through the woods, through an old fruit orchard, and through the Christmas tree farm.

The Novi North Park is a great example of what Novi residents can do to help with urban renewal. This 500-acre park was once an under-used area that with garbage dotting the trails. Community members and a mountain biking association joined forces to restore the park’s trails to their pristine condition.

How Do You Take Care of Your Favorite Wooded Area – the Trees on Your Property? PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care Knows How!

Novi North Park & Tree Farm offers a respite for Novi residents to come and enjoy nature. The mature trees within the park provide beauty, shade, and fresh air for residents and visitors alike.

At PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care, we are tree aficionados.  When we go to a park like Novi North Park, we see trees. It’s in our blood.  It’s one reason we provide expert arbor care and tree services to our customers. We understand that each tree is important – especially to homeowners who have much vested and invested in their trees – so we take our role very seriously, providing expert advice to help keep their trees healthy and flourishing. PPM also provides these services to the Novi area:

As PPM has become the trusted tree service partner for many residents in the Metro Detroit area, we’ve also added these additional support services:

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