Trees and Shrubs

9 Interesting Facts About Maples

Maple trees are such a common sight in Michigan, we take them for granted. Yet, they give us so much more than maple syrup for pancakes. Test your knowledge of maple tree trivia with our latest blog!

10 Of The World’s Oldest Living Trees

As any tree expert will tell you, a properly cared for tree can be enjoyed by many generations. Some trees, however, take this idea to the extreme. Explore 10 of the world’s oldest living trees.

When To Call 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service

When a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around, it’s no biggie. When a tree falls on your home, vehicle, or garage, it can be devastating. 24/7 emergency tree removal services can quickly and efficiently remove debris and solve your problem.

5 Interesting Facts About Evergreen Trees

For thousands of years, evergreens have been revered as a sign of endurance through the harsh winter. Learn more about these fascinating trees and even how they can help you predict the weather!

How to Remove a Tree Stump

Tired of that eyesore of a tree stump? Learn how you can remove it and even repurpose the mulch to benefit your garden.

Reasons You May Need a Tree or Shrub Removed

While when you are planting a tree, you expect it to be there for at least your lifetime, there are some outside factors that sometimes interfere with that idea. There are many reasons that tree removal might become necessary before a tree or shrub has served its time, and PPM Tree is here to tell you some of the most common reasons. 

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