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One of Bloomfield Hills’ Favorite Wooded Areas: E.L. Johnson Nature Center

The Bloomfield Hills community is abundantly covered with mature trees. The community is home to at least 36 different species of mature trees, ranging from the common Oak and Maple to lesser known species like the Flowering Dagwood, Eastern Hemlock, American Hornbeam and even the Sassafras. The community has enacted many regulations and ordinances to protect the health and vitality of its trees.

One of the favorite wooded areas for residents of Bloomfield Hills is the E.L. Johnson Nature Center. This 40-acre site is home to a large variety of trees, including large stands of pine, hardwoods and sugar bush. Many native plants and wildflowers grace the property, decorating the rolling terrain and the 4-acre inland pond. More than 2 miles of wood-chipped walking trails allow visitors an up close look at the trees, plants and wildlife that populated the Nature Center grounds.  Red fox, white-tailed deer, mink, coyote, and muskrat make their home in E. L. Johnson Nature Center, along with a large variety of birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

How Do You Take Care of Your Favorite Wooded Area – the Trees on Your Property? PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care would love to help!

E.L. Johnson Nature Center is an awesome example of how healthy, flourishing trees can make a place beautiful. The same is true for the trees in your yard. But what happens when your trees need a little help? Or one of them needs to be removed?  

This is where PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care comes in. With certified arborists on staff, we provide expert arbor care and tree services to our customers. We understand that each homeowner has much vested and invested in their trees – so we take our role very seriously, providing expert advice to help keep their trees healthy and flourishing. PPM also provides these services to the Bloomfield Hills area:

As PPM has become the trusted tree service partner for many residents in the Metro Detroit area, we’ve also added these additional support services:

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