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We focus on protecting & preserving your trees.

When it comes to tree removal, trimming, cabling, stump grinding, or firewood, why would you trust anyone other than an arborist? The quality of the trees on your property, their lifespan and the look of your yard are all dependent on the knowledge and expertise of the person you trust to service them. At PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care you get just that – a trained and knowledgeable arborist who cares about the future of your trees.

Bryan Dobbs started the business back in 1998 as a one-man lawn care operation. It didn’t take long for him to expand the business into snow removal and firewood so he could operate year-round. In 2005, he began doing tree work. Since then, that has developed into his main specialty. His top services include tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding. In 2008, he changed the name to incorporate the tree services and to show that his services reach beyond lawn maintenance.

We are ISA certified.
International Society of Arboriculture.

Being a certified arborist is what sets him apart from his competition. This means that he has taken the time to learn how to care properly for trees. He understands the different species of trees, can identify them on sight, and has the necessary skills to trim and care for all kinds of trees. Dobbs is also a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), where he is able to stay up to date on the newest technology, equipment and trends in the industry. Many do-it-yourself handymen can accomplish tree trimming and remove small tree limbs that have fallen. When the problem is bigger, however, so is the risk. Removing a tree or large branches can be dangerous.

It may involve climbing the tree and using heavy equipment to cut the tree stump. Furthermore, if not done correctly with some planning, the tree could end up on your roof, your garage, through a window or on your neighbor’s property. When extensive work is needed, it is best to hire a tree trimming service like PPM Tree Service and Arbor Care, of Livonia, Michigan. The owner has extensive experience and knowledge about trees. He works with a talented staff to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition to tree trimming, tree care and stump grinding, they can assess the trees in your yard, devise a maintenance plan, trim the trees to prevent breaking limbs, fertilize the roots to provide a boost of nutrients or place new trees.

We also offer emergency service for potentially dangerous situations. After-storm cleanups are sometimes needed to remove tree limbs from power lines, houses and awnings.

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