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Locally owned and operated right here in Canton, Michigan, PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care, LLC is a tree care company dedicated to protecting and preserving the residents and businesses of Canton’s landscape’s most valuable assets. Our trained and expert arborists are all certified through the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA). Throughout Canton and beyond, we offer the following tree care services:

  • Landscape design, build, and maintenance
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree trimming/pruning/planting
  • Mulch installation
  • Seasonal cleanup
  • Annual flower installation
  • Snow removal (commercial and residential)
  • Sales of bulk firewood (50lb bags)
  • Sales of mixed ice melters (50lb bags)

Expert Tree Removal in Canton, Michigan

Sometimes disease occurs, lightning strikes and wind happens, taking down or damaging trees on your property. When this occurs, you can count on the professionals at PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care. We have a set of guidelines in place to ensure trees are removed safely and professionally. All our removal processes and activities are consistent with the standards and regulations set for tree removal by the International Society of Arboriculture. 

When you partner with PPM for tree removal, you can expect the following:

  • An initial meeting, analysis, and quote
  • Experienced and professional crew
  • State-of-the-art equipment, including our brand new Vermeer chipper
  • The latest remote-controlled Vermeer Stump Grinders
  • Modern, high-quality equipment
  • All wood and debris safely cleaned up and removed from your property
  • A dedicated compassionate crew willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!

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Professional Stump Removal in Canton

Once your tree or trees have been removed, we won’t just leave an ugly, unsightly stump in its wake.  Stumps create a hazardous environment for both outdoor play and mowing. A full-service tree care company, PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care, has the stump removal equipment necessary to safely and cleanly remove all stumps. When you invest in stump grinding with PPM, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Our stump removal services in Canton include:

  • Standardized, high-quality equipment, including our remote-controlled Vermeer Track Stumper
  • A careful inspection around the stump for gas or sewer lines
  • Complete removal of the stump so that no part remains visible above ground
  • Your choice between filling the hole with premium mulch or top-grade soil

Have a previous stump you want removed? Contact us! 

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning in Canton

We care about your trees as much as you do and we want to ensure they remain healthy for years to come. That’s why we offer tree trimming and pruning services. Keeping your trees trimmed and pruned will go a long way in keeping them well-manicured, healthy, and maintained. 

We start our trimming and pruning service with a visit and tree assessment. Tree trimming is typically done when limbs or branches are in the way, pose a risk, or are diseased or dying. For any trees that need trimming, we start with removing any dead or dying branches and cut them equally to ensure the entire canopy is raised to help promote functionality.  Pruning utilizes smaller, more accurate tools and helps promote fast, healthy growth. 

Help prevent disease and other issues by keeping your trees well-groomed.

Contact PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care today. 

Tree Planting and Installation in Canton

Professional landscaping is a work of art, and it takes true expertise to know what kind of trees will grow well and in what conditions. PPM can assist you with installing and planting trees. All of our trees come with a one or two-year warranty depending upon the species, and PPM will replace any tree we plant for you for up to one full year. When you invest in us for all your tree installation needs, we’ll provide expert advice on the best way to care for your beloved trees.   

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Commercial Lawn Mowing and Landscaping in Canton

Own a business or commercial landscape? PPM can handle all your commercial landscaping needs. With over ten years of experience, our landscaping team understands that commercial properties, including apartments, condominiums, and office complexes, have different needs. Our standards of safety and professionalism will exceed all expectations. We can help you maintain the safety and aesthetic appeal of your landscape year-round. 

Our commercial landscaping services include:

  • Commercial lawn mowing using the most modern and up-to-date equipment for both small and large sites
  • Bed edging
  • Shrub pruning
  • Spring and fall clean-up
  • Leaf pick-up in the fall
  • Evaluation of trees and shrubs, including expert advice
  • Mulch installation
  • Seasonal bed maintenance
  • Annual flower installation
  • And more!

For all your tree care and commercial landscaping needs in Canton, call the professionals at PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care.

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