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Trusted Tree Care in Dearborn

The proper care of the trees on your property directly affects the quality of their life span and the curb appeal of your residence or business. Beautifully maintained trees are an investment that can provide a multitude of benefits for years to come. At PPM Tree Service and Arbor Care, our trained arborists are certified by the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA) and care about getting the job done safely and professionally. We offer a complete suite of services including tree removal, stump grinding, trimming, cabling, and firewood to meet all of your tree service needs. At PPM, we know trees, so you can trust us with your Dearborn tree care.   

Professional Tree Removal 

The safest way to remove trees is through professionals who know how to protect your family, your home, and your property. PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care provides time-tested safe tree removal services backed by our 10+ years of experience. We have the ability to anticipate and overcome the many obvious and unforeseen challenges associated with the tree removal process. Don’t trust just anyone, at PPM our experienced team is committed to providing you with the following:

    • A certified arborist who will meet with you to review your needs, provide a quote on the spot, and schedule your project.
    • Experienced and professional crews with over a decade of experience in some of the toughest tree removal situations. 
    • The newest state-of-the-art equipment to handle the hardest wood and thickest tree trunks. No job is too large!
    • Strategically placed pulleys and buckets to safely remove branches.
  • Expert arborists who will climb your tree to be sure your tree removal is done properly.
  • Stump grinding to smooth out the remaining area.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you hired professionals capable of doing the tree service properly.

PPM does everything from planned tree removal to emergency services safely and effectively. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your project and obtain a quote – on the spot! 

Stump Grinding with Our Full Removal and Replace Service

Once your tree is down, you can take advantage of our full removal and replacement service where PPM removes all the stump mulch after grinding, fills the area with rich topsoil, and then carefully hydro-seeds the entire area that was treated for removal. You will be amazed to find you cannot tell a tree was ever in the location. Our skilled arborists will help you choose from a wide variety of tree species for replacement.

Complete Arbor Care – Tree Trimming, Pruning, Shaping, and Planting

At PPM we realize the high cost of installing a new tree. We also understand that it is nearly impossible to replace the beautiful mature trees on your property as the years of growth and natural beauty cannot be recovered. Our dedicated arborists take the best care of your investment by offering complete arbor care. With PPM’s Complete Arbor Care you will receive:

  • Carefully executed large tree trimming to increase the health and longevity of your trees.  
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the health of your trees with a focus on treating pest invasions and diseases early.
  • Large tree trimming and shaping of “landmark” trees, removing deadwood and leads.
  • Trees with raised canopies to give your yard a more attractive appearance. 
  • Detailed pruning and tree shaping of ornamental trees for an even symmetrical appearance and uniform growth. 

PPM does more than just safe tree removal, we are your trusted complete arbor care specialists. Contact us today!

Arborist Supervised Tree Planting 

Planting additional trees on your property can add dramatic visual appeal and enhance your outdoor experience. PPM provides expert property analysis and advice on a variety of tree options and will recommend which species will do well given your soil type, amount of sunlight, moisture, and desired location. You will be pleasantly surprised at how a new tree or two can enhance your Dearborn yard. We are so confident in our services, that all our plantings come with a 1-year warranty and some species even have a 2-year warranty!

Commercial Lawn Mowing & Landscaping

PPM brings the same rigorous attention to detail and arbor care excellence to our commercial lawn mowing and landscaping services. Our team is serious about customer satisfaction! Our team has over 10+ years of commercial landscaping and maintenance experience to proudly take care of your:

  • Condominium Complex
  • Office Complex
  • Business Property
  • Apartment Complex

We know how important it is for your property to look professional and attractive. PPM’s top-notch commercial landscape maintenance services include:

    • Mulch installation to enhance your property and keep weeds out. 
  • Ongoing seasonal bed maintenance and edging.
    • Commercial lawn maintenance using the most effective turf-friendly equipment, including Exmark riders and walk-behind mowers, to keep your grass at the right height and your lawn even.
  • The same care and attention for big or small properties. 
    • Tree care health evaluations so that pest infestations and diseases can be treated early.
    • Shrub pruning 2x a year so your accent plantings stand out.
    • Spring and fall cleanup!
  • Complete leaf pickup. 
  • Annual flower installation for added color and perennial cutback in the fall to plan for the warmer days ahead. 

While some commercial lawn mowing and landscaping services leave you hanging in the fall and summer months, PPM is right there for you! We can be relied on to provide outstanding service all year round. Your commercial property or apartment complex is enjoyed by many people, so you want to look your best season after season. Our crews are trained to provide a consistently impeccable and professionally executed commercial landscaping service for our Dearborn clients. Contact us today to get started! 

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