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One of Walled Lake’s Favorite Wooded Areas: Lakeshore Park

Though located in nearby Novi, Lakeshore Park is a favorite destination for Walled Lake residents. The park is home to a wide variety of flora, fauna, and trees that surround the linear shaped park. Large wooded areas are also found interspersed within the park, through which the 10-mile hike and bike trail system traverses. The well maintained mountain bike and walking trails are one of the main attractions at the park, drawing hikers and bikers from communities around the park. Some of the mountain bike paths are labeled ‘challenging’ , keeping serious mountain bikers pleased. Other paths are rated ‘easy’ for more casual bikers.

Other recreational activities include a beach and swimming on Walled Lake, along with a lakeside playground. Other play structures are found within the park, as well as a host of athletic fields. A smaller park within Lakeshore Park (Pavilion Shore Park) attracts visitors who want to enjoy lake front seating, to watch the swans float by, and to experience a beautiful sunset.

Lakeshore Park is One of Walled Lake’s Favorite Wooded Areas. How Do You Take Care of Your Favorite Trees – the Ones on Your Property? PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care Can Help!

Walled Lake’s Lakeshore Park is home to many varieties of large, mature trees that add beauty and strength to the entire park. Some of these trees date back to when Walled Lake had an amusement park of is very own (between 1919-1968). Caring for these natural wonders is imperative.

How do you care for your favorite trees – the ones that stand on your property? And what happens when your trees need a little help? Or one of them needs to be removed?  

This is where PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care comes in. With certified arborists on staff, we provide expert arbor care and tree services to our customers. We understand that each homeowner has much vested and invested in their trees – so we take our role very seriously, providing expert advice to help keep their trees healthy and flourishing. PPM also provides these services to the Walled Lake area:

As PPM has become the trusted tree service partner for many residents in the Metro Detroit area, we’ve also added these additional support services:

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