How To Take Care Of Trees In Spring

Spring is the time when trees leave the dormant state they’ve been in all winter and prepare for the upcoming growing season. Unfortunately, this is one of the most challenging times for them. Tree diseases and pests will move in quickly if your tree isn’t healthy enough to fend them off. Here are some things to consider as part of your spring tree and shrub care.

How To Take Care Of Trees In Spring

Trim And Prune

Now’s the perfect time to trim trees. Removing dead or dying branches allows more sunlight to reach thriving limbs. If a branch looks like it’s not growing well, this will divert nutrients away from a lost cause branch to healthier ones. And while you’re trimming, be on the lookout for tree diseases like scale, mildew, cankers, or wilt. These are common tree diseases in Michigan, and they often go unnoticed until their damage is well-advanced. Spring is also when you can create the “look” of your tree through pruning and shaping.

Assess Safety Concerns

Branches break off all the time and usually fall to the earth without a problem. However, if a particularly large branch shows signs of damage, age, or decay, it could harm your vehicles, home, garage, or even family members should it fall. When you’re lopping off smaller dead branches, assess the larger ones and take note of anything that gives you pause. The PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care team members will happily discuss your concerns with you when we visit.

It’s important to point out that just because a branch is low-hanging doesn’t mean that it must come down. We offer tree cabling services, which can secure larger branches before they become dangerous. If they break off in the future, they’re already secured to the tree! It’s like a mountain climber’s safety harness. Many homeowners have what we call “landmark” trees. These are larger older trees that are the centerpiece of the lawn and usually hold sentimental value. Just because a branch is thicker doesn’t mean we have to cut it. If you don’t want to hack away and your beloved tree, ask a PPM team member! We can protect your property and your trees at the same time!

Use A Deep-root Fertilizer

Unlike turfgrass, trees and shrubs have root systems that go deep underground. This is great for the tree’s health and stability, but it also makes fertilizing a tree challenging. To make sure your tree is getting the nutrients it needs, consider utilizing a deep-root fertilizer application. Your tree care technician will use a tool that looks like a giant syringe to inject nutrients into the tree’s root system, which means your tree won’t have to compete for nutrients with garden beds or even the grass. It’s really no different than a doctor giving you a shot of B vitamins. Your system can absorb it better if it’s injected directly as opposed to taking a tablet. As it turns out, this same principle applies to trees!

Apply Mulch

An easy thing you can do to benefit your trees and shrubs is add a mulch installation around the base. There are several types of mulch, depending on your tree’s needs, but they all help preserve moisture near the delicate root system. This helps trees make it through those hot, dry days of high summer. Plus, you won’t have to water as often. Mulch will smother out grass or weeds that grow too close to the tree. Thriving turfgrass is great, but if you don’t have a barrier between turfgrass and your tree, sometimes the grass can pull nutrients out of the soil and leave none for the tree. And be careful not to make a “mulch volcano,” which will hurt your trees. This common mistake happens because people think more mulch = more moisture, but that’s not the case.

Treat Any Diseases

Some of the most common tree diseases in Michigan include the following:

  • Anthracnose
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Rust
  • Leaf Spot
  • Thousand Canker Disease
  • Apple Scab
  • Fire Blight
  • Spider mites
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Aphids
  • Webworms
  • Whiteflies

If you suspect your tree is sick, don’t panic! If caught in time, we can reverse the damage and get your tree on the road to better health!

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