How To Detect And Treat Dutch Elm Disease In Michigan

Dutch elm disease (DED) is the latest in a series of tree infections sweeping across Michigan. Learn how to recognize the signs and what you can do if your tree becomes infected.

What Is Killing Oak Trees In Michigan?

First, it was the Emerald Ash Borer. Now there’s a new threat to Michigan trees: oak wilt. This disease will quickly overpower your oaks and leave them devasted. Thankfully, there are treatment options if caught early.

Create Your Own Privacy Wall With 1 of These 4 Popular Evergreens

Are you tired of peering eyes looking over your shoulder? Want to block out the loud traffic and the noise from the neighbors? It’s time to design your own living privacy fence. A living privacy fence is a row of lush, vibrant, evergreen foliage. PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care has compiled a list of the best evergreen trees available in Michigan, ready to give you the privacy your family needs.

Here’s Why Stump Grinding Is The Best Option For Stump Removal

There are many ways to remove a tree stump, but when you look at the pros and cons, stump grinding is the clear winner. And when you hire PPM Tree Service & Arbor, you can let us do all the heavy lifting!

Here’s How To Care For Your Michigan Trees In Summer

Our Michigan trees come up against a lot of stressors in the summer: pests, diseases, drought, competition from other plants. They need a helping hand during the hottest part of the year. Here’s how to give it to them.

Bring The Campsite To Your Back Yard With Firewood Delivery

Don’t let the pandemic dampen your outdoor spirit! PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care brings the magic of nature right to your door with firewood delivery!

Fun Facts About Weeping Willow Trees

Weeping willows are one of the most beautiful trees to grace our Michigan yards. But did you know they’re not native to North America? Discover what else you didn’t know about this fascinating tree in our latest blog post!

Neat Facts You Didn’t Know About Oak Trees

Oaks have long been a symbol of strength and stability. You might know that many alcohols are aged in oak barrels. But did you know how long they live or how many acorns they produce? Check out these fascinating facts about oak trees!

5 Common Problems With Michigan Trees In Spring

Spring in Michigan is a lovely time, but unfortunately, it can bring to light problems with the health of our trees. Read about seven common problems Michigan trees face and how to recognize the symptoms.

How To Take Care Of Trees In Spring

If you want your trees and shrubs to spring back to life after winter, be sure to follow these key practices! From deep-root feedings to maximizing moisture with mulch, we have the tips your trees needed to succeed.

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