6 Perks Of Using Your Wood-Burning Fireplace This Winter

There’s something so innately human about sitting around a fire. Until the invention of electric light and gas stoves, we did just about everything around a fire: socialized, cooked, told stories, etc. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s been challenging at times to enjoy the things we used to do, but many of us are rediscovering old-fashioned ways to entertain ourselves. One such method is sitting around a real wood-burning fire. Whether it’s an outdoor fire pit or that indoor fireplace you haven’t touched in years, there are many surprising benefits of utilizing your fireplace.

7 Benefits To Firing Up The Fireplace In Winter

1. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Since our very beginnings as a species, humans have equated fire to warmth, serenity, and security. A warm fire means you won’t freeze during the night, you can see what you’re doing even after dark, and you have a place to gather with others. And while anecdotally, anyone who’s enjoyed a campfire can attest to this, a recent study confirmed what we’ve known all along. Scientists found that sitting around a real, wood-burning fire lowered participants’ blood pressure, increased relaxation, and made more social, tolerant people.

2. Wood Fires Are More Eco-friendly Than Gas Fireplaces

The firewood industry grows trees quickly and sustainably. The hardwood species – like oak, hickory, cherry, and maple – only take a couple of decades to reach maturity. Year after year, new trees are planted to take the place of the ones cut down, which means these firewood farms are continually renewing themselves. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for gas-powered fireplaces. As a fossil fuel, that energy source is non-renewable. And on that note:

3. Wood Fireplaces Are More Affordable Than Gas

Purchasing firewood to burn in your fireplace is more cost-effective than burning gas. PPM Tree Service can deliver enough firewood to fill your firewood rack and last you through the entire winter, so you will save money driving to the store every time you run out. Plus, you can turn down the home’s thermostat and allow the fireplace to heat your home for you when using your fireplace. Natural gas prices will only increase over time, which means that running your fireplace for even a few hours could land you with a costly utility bill. That’s not the case with wood-burning fireplaces. All you have to do is pay for the wood!

4. Stay Lit During Power Outages

As we saw over the summer, power outages can be a pain. Going without light is one thing, but when severe snow storms knock out power in the winter, it can cause significant home problems. And with the sudden flip-flopping of temperatures here in the Mitten, a rainy December evening could turn into an ice storm overnight. Weighed-down tree branches can easily knock out power lines, which means you won’t be able to use your furnace. But if you have a fireplace, you can mitigate frozen pipes and miserable conditions. By having plenty of firewood ready to go, you’ll be prepared for Michigan’s unpredictable weather.

5. Reduce Effects Of S.A.D

Unfortunately, many of us in the northern US suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the coldest parts of the year. A significant contributing factor to this condition is the lack of sunlight we usually experience during the spring and summer. While using your fireplace is not a cure-all, and you should consult with your doctor if SAD impacts your life, operating your fireplace in the evening will provide you with warmth, which will help you feel cozy, and light, which can lessen the effects of SAD. And if you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you’ll get bonus points – going outside is another way to help with SAD!

6. Enjoy Quality Family Time

Since humans don’t rely on fireplaces for our day-to-day needs like cooking, having a lit fireplace has become something of a novelty. As such, when you have a roaring fire going, it gently draws everyone’s attention. And unlike loud, distracting video games and TV shows, you won’t have to talk over a fire. Instead, you create a space for good ole conversation to fill. Try making popcorn or roasting marshmallows over the flames! And who doesn’t love a good ghost story told around the fire?

Get Firewood Delivered Right To Your Door – Contact PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care

Make the most of your wood-burning fireplace with firewood delivery from PPM Tree Service & Arbor Care. We carefully select only the best seasoned hardwood for longer burn times and less smokiness. You’ll love the fragrant scent, warmth, and peace that a real fire brings to your home or outdoor fire pit. We also provide various tree care. To learn more about this service or schedule an appointment, give us a call at (877) 454-8733, or you can reach us through our online form here.

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